“Third Axis in Motion”:  (designed by: Mark St.Leger)

            Multi Axis Turning with Hand-Chased Threads

                                                2” diameter x 3 ½” tall


1)       Box: 2” x 2 ½” sq., a tight-grained wood that will accept threading.  Hard Maple works well.

2)       Handle: Ύ” sq. x 4”, contrasting hardwood such as Blackwood, Cocobolo etc.

3)       Finial: 5/8” sq. x 2 ½”, use the same wood used for the box.

4)       Collet Chuck: ½” x 2 ½” sq., hardwood such as Maple

5)       Eccentric Chuck: 1 ½” x 2 ½” sq., hardwood such as Maple (2 are needed)

  Tool List:

1)       ½” Roughing Gouge

2)       ½” Spindle Gouge (fingernail grind)

3)       3/8” Bowl Gouge (side grind)

4)       Parting Tool (standard & thin kerf)

5)       Small Hollowing Tools (3/8” opening, allen wrenches work well)

6)       Thread Chasers 20 TPI (I grind down a Ό-20 tap to thread small openings)

7)       Vernier Calipers

Turning Steps:

1)       Mount box blank between centers and round it to a 2” diameter, then turn a 1” tenon on one end for mounting in the Eccentric chuck. (Details located on separate page)

2)       Set the Eccentric chuck to 5/16” off-center and turn the face of the box, turn the top of the box concave up to a slight point which will be off-center. (3/8” Bowl gouge)

3)       Switch the chuck back to center and start turning the spherical shape on the bottom, leaving enough material for hollowing the box. (Spindle gouge)

4)       Switch the chuck to the 3/16” off-center and drill a 3/8” hole.  Using Allen wrenches as hollowing tools hollow out the inside of the box.

5)       Using a modified Ό-20 tap, chase the threads into your opening.

6)       Using a spindle gouge slightly taper your opening for the handle to seat.

7)       Switch the chuck back to center and complete the spherical bottom of the box.  Use a thin kerf-parting tool to cut it off and sand the remainder of the bottom.

8)       Turn a short #2 taper on the handle blank and mount it into the headstock.  Bring your tailstock up for support.

9)       Round the handle blank and turn a tenon on the tailstock end 1/16” larger than the box opening.

10)   Using a 20 TPI chaser, chase the threads on to the handle, using the completed base to get the correct fit.

11)   Shape the handle to your liking and part off, drill a 1/8” hole to accept the finial.

12)   Turn a ½” tenon on the finial blank.

13)   Using an Eccentric chuck (Details located on separate page), mount the finial blank and set it 1/8” off-center.  Using the ½” Roughing gouge turn a cove cut to a point.

14)   Reset the Eccentric chuck to center and turn a half bead down to 1/8”.  Turn a 1/8” tenon and part off.

15)   Glue finial into the handle.

16)   You should now be able to touch the edge of the box and watch it gently rock until it comes to its final resting balance.

17)  Apply the finish of your choice and enjoy.